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Division of Cell Nucleus

So here's the catch,I would like to share this information about Mitosis and Meiosis.
Take note that my notes are "biased", meaning it's b
ased from the notes that I copied from our Advance Biology Class.

We study the same topic over and over :))
It is really interesting, many activities all about that. Haha!Uggh! We're gonna have a quiz tomorrow about that. Hihihihi...

So yeah, let's start with the "topic." :)

Division of Cell Nucleus
Mitosis and Meiosis

Let's start off with Mitosis:

-Mitosis maintains the chromosome number.
-It has four phases: * Prophase
* Metaphase

* Anaphase
* Telophase
"Homologous Chromosomes"

So that's the pic of the parent and daughter cell-ish. :3

Let's head to Prophase,
- chromosome coiled into rod-shaped structures
-nucleus and nuclear membrane disappears
Time for METAPHASE, I don't why I put it on Caps. Oh weeell,
So here on the Metaphase, the chromosomes are aligned to the equator of the cell.

Time to move on to Anaphase:So,
Anaphase is the migration of sister chromosomes to their respective centrioles.

The image above is the example of Anaphase.

Time for Telophase!!!
This is where the chromosomes uncoil.
The reappearance of the Nuclear Membrane takes place.
BTW!Cytokinesis happens the same time as Telophase. :)

So the picture that you see at the right side of this text is an example for Telophase. :D

- produces cells for sexual reproduction- reduces chromosome number by half

Meiosis I
Prophase I
-homologous chromosomes pair up-SYNAPSIS-exchange of alleles or genes take place, in sh0rt: Crossing Over

Metaphase I
-each pair of homologous chromosomes are attached to spindle fibers-homologous chromosomes align at the center

Anaphase I
-double stranded chromosomes move to the opposite pole

Telophase I
-reappearance of nuclear membrane
-nuclei contains half of the chromosome no. of the parent cell
Diploid- 2n
- 2 sets of chromosomes
Haploid- end product ofMeiosis II (4 Haploid Cells)Tetrad- there are four chromatids in a tetrad

Lastly, Meiosis II

There you go, Thanks for reading. I hope that it helped in a way. ;)


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