Friday, July 23, 2010


It's my first post here, from the best person in the world: ADMIN GAGA. FUCK YEAH, BOW DOWN AND CRY!

So, this week was great and all, just like any normal week.

Apparently, this week, I've been trying out on my literary genius, if you want to read some of my work, read it here!

Enjoy! I'd really love it if you commented on it, please, just do!


Anyways, time for some fun stuff!

Here's an image by yours truly:

I love this image, it makes me think of the times when I was a kid, so imaginative, and free~~

Here's another image for Admin Jeyonce:
Lol, so true, I would totally love using this towards millions of people, way to go!

Haha, as always, invite more people, let's make this page a great one!

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