Monday, August 16, 2010

Botany-First Quarter-Reviewer no. 1

I. Unifying Ideas in Biology

1. Life on earth is both diverse and united through continuous interactions among life forms.

2. The science of life can be studied through a variety of structural levels and functions.

3. The basic unit of structure and function is the cell, and as such is at the core of all levels of biological organization.

II. Characteristics of a Living Organism

~having respiration(exchange of gasses)

~metabolism (The breaking down of substance and convert to energy

Has two kinds: anabolism(to construct components of a cell) & catabolism(breaks down organic matter)

~Reaction(to counter an/a event/phenomena)

~has homeostasis(maintain a system stable)

~high degree of organization (this causes their outward appearance, different than the previous characteristic, i assure you)


~grow and develop at some point in their lives

~create/reproduce organisms similar to themselves

Also has two kinds: Asexual & Sexual Reproduction

~communicate with organisms similar to themselves

~move under their own power.

III. Life Processes

7 process of life:

*Movement (moving parts of the body)
*Reproduction (producing offspring)
*Sensitivity (responding & reacting)
*Nutrition (getting food to stay alive)
*Excretion (getting rid of waste)
*Respiration (turning food into energy)
*Growth (getting to adult size)

In order to master them and have fun, you should try to take this weird quiz:

IV. Scientific Method

a. Observation
b. Defining a Problem
c. Formulation of Hypothesis
d. Experimentation
e. Formulation of Scientific Theory

(Part two of the reviewer will be made later on)


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